The Box I Am Stuck In

After a long and relaxing summer of working and traveling, the school year approached too quickly. I had arrived in September feeling completely lost about what to do for IP. The first month or so I felt so paralyzed with fear at the idea of having to figure out what the biggest project of my life thus far would be. The main thing that held me back was the daunting end to my college career. This meant being forced into the real world in search of a job. The IP project was the be-all end-all of my career. If I did something incredible, I would be successful. What was scaring me more was the possibility that I might not have an incredible project and would never even be able to find a job. 

My professors assured me that I was at a good stage, but I had trouble believing them. They assigned us with a quick project - to make a creative map or our interests and inspirations. I took this opportunity to write down every theme I was interested in without worrying if it would lead to anything. One of the more helpful sections of my creative map was in the top right corner where I drew a box and wrote everything that was scaring me about the project. Doing this allowed myself to play.

Working on my map, I thought it was just that ... play. It seemed like word and image vomit - until I took a step back. I found connections between my past works, artists that inspire me, and interests that I had. I realized that my main interests lie in satirical artwork and the internet, specifically social media. Joking to my friend I said that my IP project is just going to be a huge 8 month long prank.