"The Hitori Date Photo" Keisuke Jinushi

A friend sent me this CNN article on Japanese freelance photographer Keisuke Jinushi. The photographer has a blog on how to create what he calls "Hitori Date Photos" or "One Man Date Photos." He posts pictures to his Instagram and Facebook that appear to be posed with a significant other. In alternate photos, he reveals tricks used to make it look like someone else was with him. This, he says, makes the trip feel and look less lonely.

CNN: What do your friends and family think?
Keisuke Jinushi: My male friends say, “You seem happy!”
But my grandma said she burst into tears after reading my blog because her grandson seems pathetic in these photos.

I find it interesting that instead of looking for a significant other to make opportunities like a visit to a coffee shop or a bus ride less lonely - he instead posted heavily posed photos to Facebook and Instagram to make it look like he was happy. Yet another example of curating a life online that is useful towards my independent project. Additionally, the gender gap reaction to his photos is useful towards my project. Those that are so heavily involved in social media have trouble looking past their online lifestyle to see how it effects offline life. It's simple to look at online posts and read them at face value when that is something a culture is used to doing every day. Those who are not immersed in these practices see the dangers in his practices and other's alike.