Creative Design & Social Media Tools

For my senior thesis project, I explored social media addiction, which started with me abandoning social media entirely. The final work (publicly exhibited in April 2014) showcased seven mixed media pieces that represented my journey through a 12-step anti-addiction process I created. Through my project, I not only developed a deeper understanding of social media’s influence on personal curation and interpersonal relationships, but also expanded my creative expression tools.

For more information see the Senior Thesis page and Organic Communicators website.

Creative Analysis & Decision-Making Skills

The University of Michigan’s annual TEDxUofM events had historically been well received, but in 2013 our planning team felt that a refocused marketing campaign would expand our reach to attract more engaged creatives and entrepreneurs. As co-head of the 2014 TEDxUofM marketing team I planned, executed and curated a marketing campaign called “TEDx.Gif Project,” that helped us increase attendee applications to 100 entries a day (from about 10-15 applications daily). 

For more information, please visit the Outreach Projects & Experience page.

The images below are animations created by me. For the full body of work, please see Part 1 and Part 2 of the TEDxUofM Speaker Release.

Marketing & Digital Design Experience

As a Graphic Design Intern with Know Advertising (an entrepreneurial advertising firm in metropolitan-Detroit) and a Graphic Design student, I have learned to respond to a prompt, not to a specific aesthetic, in the pieces I create. For example, I designed a book entirely in black and white telling the fantastical biography of a fellow student, in which I used blurred images to highlight her stereotypical desires that were unattainable as well as the blurriness of her “truth.” In contrast, I designed a tryptic series for the University of Michigan’s Bicentennial celebrating student’s passion for protest. Through the typography, image choice (from the 60’s), and color scheme, I was able to honor this university tradition and convey the tension representative of those particular times.

For more information, please visit the Graphic Design & Animation page.

Know Advertising does not allow designs on personal websites.